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What is Panel research?
Why the TV audience research should be peoplemetrical? Why the diaries are not used anymore?
What is peoplemeter?
How is the TV audience researched in the world?
Were tenders for the TV audience research held and when?
Who is the operator of TV Panel now?
What is TV history of TV measuring in Ukraine?
What are the differences between the new TV Panel and the previous one?

Basic principles of TV audience research in Ukraine:

What is Universe? What Universe of the TV panel is?
What is the sample of the TV panel? What is the representativeness of the sample?
What is the «Net Sample»?
What is it 50+ and 50- subsamples?
How is people recruited to the TV panel?
What is rotation?
What is the Establishment Survey and who holds it?
What is the control and weighing parameters? What are they needed for?
Are all the channels which could be watched in Ukraine measured?
How many channels the data are available for?
Are the satellite channels measured?
Who conducts the monitoring of the TV programs and TV advertising? What is the procedure of the monitoring and what are the goals of monitoring?

Quality control of the TV panel research in Ukraine

What are the standard quality control procedure of Operator of the TV panel?
How does TIC control the quality of the data?
Are there any audits of the panel and how often are they held?
What is the history of the TV panel audits in Ukraine?
Does the TV audience research in Ukraine comply with the international quality standards?

Measurement of TV audience technology in Ukraine :

How is the measurement of TV viewing conducted?
What is audiomatching?

The TV Panel participation rules for HHs:

Who are the participants of TV Panel?
Who is able to become a Panel participant?
Do they pay Panel participants for the research?
I want to become a TV Panel participant and take part in the research? Is it possible?
What happens if the household decides to leave the Panel?
What happens if household goes to vacation?
What happens if household goes to dacha?
What happens if household buys a new TV set?
Is the TV viewing measured outside of home?
Is the guest viewing measured in the HH?